Kathy Armstrong
 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 684 Chester MT 59522


Kathy Armstrong is a recently retired school teacher after 31.5 years of teaching. She has a Master’s Degree in Elementary/Special Education and has taught students ages 3 yrs old through High School and Adult Living.

The Liberty County Superintendent’s position is not full time, so please call in advance or make an appointment.

The Superintendent’s office operates within a set of legal rules and regulations which affect the entire processes of public schools. it has access to the Office of Public Instruction (OPI) for the implementation and interpretation of any rules.

Annual Budget Process

Of primary concern to taxpayers, and to the operation of each school district, is the annual budgeting process. This office reviews the district levy requirements for each fund that is included in each district’s final budget. in filing the final budgets and reporting the approved computations to the County Commissioners, the county levies are usually signed the last Monday in August. The signed budgets are then processed at the Office of Public Instruction in Helena.

Inclusive in the levy process is the computation of district needs for elementary and high school transportation, elementary retirement and high school retirements. This process usually begins in March and the culmination of this project is with the signing of the budgets. Each month thereafter, distributions are made to each district for their portion of the required transportation and retirements funds. The retirement obligations are compiled by each separate district and forwarded to this office in calculating the levies.

School Transportation

A county transportation committee meets annually to approve/amend each of the routes for each school district. Route changes during the school year must also be approved by this committee. The committee consists of a representative from each district, a county commissioner, and the county superintendent who serves as chairperson. individual pupil transportation contracts are also included in these calculations. Mileage, days of use, and bus capacity of each route are essential in determining the funding requests of each district. Reimbursements consist of matched amounts between the county and the state. These monthly payments are adjusted and distributed through this office.

Teacher Certification

Certificates for each year are registered and monitored by the Superintendent’s office.

Bus Driver Certificates

Certificates for each year are registered and monitored by the Superintendent’s Office.

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