Liberty County Attorney

Robert Padmos
P.O. Box 683
110 East Jefferson
Chester MT 59522
email –


Robert Padmos is currently serving as Liberty County’s attorney. The County Attorney is elected by the voters of Liberty County every four years.

The Liberty County Attorney is responsible for the legal representation of the Liberty County Board of Commissioners and the legal interests and concerns of all other departments in the county.

The County Attorney’s office also prosecutes all criminal offenses committed in the county with the exception of municipal ordinance violations.  These include offenses investigated by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, Montana Highway Patrol, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and Montana Motor Carrier Services
.  Additionally, this office handles all prosecution of Juveniles.

The office also represents the State of Montana in all proceedings in Liberty County involving the enforcement of state laws covering child abuse or neglect and involuntary commitments due to mental illness. 

Finally, in the civil arena, the office performs duties as the attorney for the Liberty County Public Administrator of estates of persons who die without any heirs.

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