Mailing Address- P.O. Box 549 Chester, MT 59522

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Anne Seidlitz-Melton has been the Liberty County Clerk of Court since January of 2001. She is a Chester native. After graduation she moved to Portland, Oregon. Anne made Chester home again when she moved back to Chester in 1998. She and her husband, John Melton, have two sons and three daughters.

The Office of the Liberty County Clerk of Court is the record keeping entity for the county, with the Clerk elected to serve a four year term. It is there that all civil, criminal, adoption, guardianship, probate, juvenile, and commitment cases are filed. The clerk and her staff issue marriage licenses and process passport applications. She and her deputy are also in charge of calling juries and taking care of minutes, swearing in of witnesses, and handling evidence in all court trials. It is important to note that, although the clerk and her staff handle all of the legal documents attorneys and pro-se litigants file, her staff are not attorneys and cannot and will not give legal advice.

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